The Quintessential Urban Cowgirl

Rihanna sports an eye-catching ankle boot from the RIHANNAxMANOLO collection

Rihanna is a fashionista and always has a jaw-dropping look on the red carpet. Even when she’s out and about, she’s always camera-ready. Her style is as versatile as her music. One day she’s glamorous and the next day she’s rocking a grunge look. Recently, Rihanna partnered with Manolo Blahnik, a famous shoe designer whose shoes are worn by almost every celebrity on the planet, to create a denim shoe collection called Denim Desserts.

Last week, Rihanna was spotted wearing the Dancehall Cowgirl Jewel ankle boot. It features a denim upper, a stiletto heel, and sequined embroidery that’s inspired by Rihanna’s hand tattoo.

rihanna hand tattoo
Rihanna’s hand tattoo is inspired by Indian henna art and features a Maori tribal design and chevron lines.

If you love this urban cowgirl look but don’t want to spend over $2200 for these denim beauties, then you’ll like the Shoe Republic LA Drake Bootie. You’ll look tough and sexy all at the same time.

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 1.39.42 PM
Shoe Republic LA Drake Bootie



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